This is not simply a website but just a peak of the iceberg. Everything is custom here, except the WordPress core. WordPress is not even used so much I would say.

Aisai is a SaaS project for recruiters, powered by:

  • Intellectual search algorithms;
  • Custom core web service communicating with client websites via fully custom API;
  • Strong encryption system for sending and receiving requests;
  • Custom user Authentication that bypasses WordPress and logs user into a remote web-service;
  • Integrated PCI compliant payment system;
  • Custom membership system;
  • Recruiter dashboard;
  • Talent management;
  • Internal communication;
  • Many other interesting and challenging features;

Aisai with its extendable web service and API creates the whole web infrastructure. Development from the prototype to fully functional product took more than 12 months.

You can view the website at:



Aisai was fully developed by us from scratch, including prototyping, UX development, UI design, front-end and back-end development. Only our custom API documentation is more than 50 pages.

Front End

Front-end of Aisai is powered by WordPress custom theme. It includes easy to use admin interface for creating jobs and managing talents.

Back End

Back-end of Aisai consists of several custom made plugins, serving different purposes: payment processing, API communication, authentication, encryption. All the data is served on a remote web service and Aisai serves as a platform for managing this data.

Fully Responsive Web Interface

Aisai has a fully responsive layout, adjusting to any device width. This is very important, considering huge amount of traffic coming from mobile devices.
Fully Responsive Web Interface

Technologies we used in development

Here are some of the technologies, software, tools and libraries utilized during development process.
WordPress HTML5 CSS3 SASS Bootstrap Modernizr Vanilla Js jQuery Gulp Angular Js GIT Custom API Remote Web Service Braintree Payments API JSON AJAX Object Oriented PHP SQL Facebook API Linkedin API Web Sockets Custom ORM Custom Task Scheduler