Outsourcing services for professionals

Since its establishment in 2011, Everycode has emerged as a trusted and highly respected provider of web development solutions, and has been recognized for its commitment to both technical excellence and exceptional customer service.

With a portfolio that includes WordPress themes, plugins, and web apps developed, as well as a wide range of custom web services performed, we have completed more than 100 successful development projects for clients and agencies in Canada, Australia, UK, France, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands and South Africa, including sensitive white label projects under NDA agreements for multiple high end agencies.

This depth of experience enables us to approach each project we undertake with a rich understanding of how best to collaborate with a client, by applying proven processes while still focusing on each client’s unique specifications.

To do so, we maintain close and ongoing communication throughout the development process and we are responsive, transparent, and deadline-driven at all times. All work is performed within agreed upon deadlines, and multiple post-development sessions provide clients with additional layers of Quality Assurance. When desired, we can build white label code, and we maintain strict standards of ethics and confidentiality at all times.

Simply put, we are not happy until our client is happy.

Everycode founder and project manager Nick Nugzar Surmanidze is a Ukraine-based web and software developer with more than five years’ experience serving a broad range of commercial clients.

Nick’s technical excellence is one reason for Everycode’s rapid success–but so is the fact that he has been on both sides of the development process, and knows how to think like a client. He knows from his own experience that it is not easy to find web developers who can meet quality standards, deliver work in timely manner, and follow a client’s guidelines exactly.

His solution? He decided to become a web development provider himself to close all the gaps and provide the level of service he wished to receive as a client. Before long, the success he had brought more work than he could handle alone without scaling his business.

And that is how Everycode was born. A passionate developer who also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration that enables him to optimize processes, Nick brings to Everycode the right skills to provide clients with a seamless development experience.

Everycode is further staffed by a top 1% distributed team of web developers drawn from a competitive international talent pool. Because of their geographic separation, our developers are also able to expedite projects and provide nearly 24-hour coverage.

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